Breast Screening Information

Who is invited? 

All Women aged 50-70 are invited for Breast Screening every 3 years.

What does the test involve? 

Breast screening uses an X-ray test called a mammogram to check for any signs of cancer- including those that are too small to see or feel. It is done by trained female staff and the whole appointment takes about 15 minutes. X-rays are taken from the side and above the breast. You will need to undress from the waist up so wearing trousers or a skirt is easier than a dress.

What does having a Mammogram feel like?

Having a mammogram can be uncomfortable for a short time but not usually painful.

Breast Screening Results

You will receive a letter with your results within 2 weeks of your appointment. Most women get a normal result.If you are called back for more tests, you may have a breast examination, ultrasound scans and a biopsy (small sample taken with a needle for checking with a microscope).

What are Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

If you have these changes, please book an appointment to see the doctor.

What can I do to reduce my Risk? 

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