About Us

Previously known as Dr Flynn's Medical Practice, we have been at our current location on Smithdown Road since 1996 after moving from the previous Ullet Road site.

We have 2 Partner GPs, 3 salaried GPs, 1 long term locum GP, 1 Clinical Pharmacist and 3 Nurses. Our longest standing member of the team has been with us for over 30 years and our average length of service is 10 years. We sometimes use locum clinicians to cover absence to ensure appointment available isn't affected.

In addition to our team we host other clinics provided by the wider healthcare system such as midwifery, smoking cessation, community clinic for consultant psychiatry, and counselling for addictions to prescribed  medication

We have approximately 9000 patients on our register currently but are also part of a larger network of Practices called the Picton Network that has around 35,000 patients collectively. The other practices in this network are, Dunstan Village, Earle Road, Edge Hill, and Picton Green. We work together with them sharing staff, resources and best practice so that we can offer an enhanced service to our collective patients than we would be able to do as individual practices.

We embrace the advances of the digital world in the way we offer services and care to our patients and are always open to feedback and suggestions on ways we can improve any aspect of what we can do.

We are proud to be a Certified Training Practice, meaning we are involved in and responsible for the training of new GP's (Registrars). A Registrar is a fully qualified doctor who is specialising in General Practice and is supervised and supported by members of our own clinical team. You may have an appointment with a registrar or have your prescription issued / authorised by them. As part of their ongoing development they are required to video record some of their consultations, you can consent to this or not as you choose. You will always be asked in advance and can always change your mind afterwards if you wish.