Our Services

Essential Services

  • Health Promotion 
  • Chronic Disease Management 
  • Management of patients who are terminally ill 
  • Management of acutely unwell patients and patients suffering from mental health problems.

Additional Services

  • Cervical Screening: 
    For all women aged 25-65, 3 yearly until age 55 then 5 yearly till age 65 years. Quick, painless screening test to pick up very early changes in the cervix which can be treated to prevent progression to cervical cancer.   

  • Contraceptive Services 
    All Doctors and nurses can provide you with advice on family planning and contraception, please arrange an appointment with Dr Smith for contraceptive implant or coil fitting or removal. 

  • Holiday Immunisations 
    If you are travelling abroad especially outside Europe please book an appointment with our practice nurse for travel immunisations and advice at least 2 months prior to travelling. We offer all travel vaccinations in the surgery except yellow fever which can be obtained from the Travel Clinic on London Road. Please note that Malaria tablets are private prescriptions so there is a £10 charge before we can issue these. Further information: 

    Travel Line: One Stop Travel Shop, Liverpool: 0151 705 3223 
    Nathnac: www.nathnac.org

  • Immunisations and Vaccinations
    Routine childhood immunisations in preschool children are usually given by the our Practice Nurse Amanda in their Tuesday clinic. Other vaccinations for children are usually given at school. Other vaccinations are also given by Amanda our practice nurse. 

  • Postnatal Care 
    After having your baby you will be offered a postnatal appointment where you can discuss your pregnancy and delivery, ask any questions and share any concerns you have about yourself or your baby. This is usually done 6 weeks after the birth. 

  • Private Medical Examinations 
    Please book an appointment with any of the doctors for private medicals examinations. Please let the receptionist know when booking the medical so she can give you extra time with the doctor to enable it to be done. Please be aware charge will apply.

  • Joint Injections 
    Dr Lipton, Dr Thomas & Dr Rose perform joint injections for a range of conditions, please discuss with a doctor.