Practice Policies & Protocols

The Practice, under its obligations to be open and transparent in how it operates as a public body, has decided to place the principal policies and procedures governing its work on the website.   Not all policy documents are contained in this section and some may be found elsewhere on this site (eg: our Complaints or Freedom of Information).  If you have a request for any policy which you cannot find on our website then please refer to the Freedom of Information section where you may be able to either find the information you are looking for or can ask the practice to provide it.



The Practice retains all clinical records made here and also receives patient records from other GPs and Hospitals etc.    The privacy of your records is explained in the "Privacy Policy" section of this website and your access to them under "Freedom of Information, Access to Records and Confidentiality".

We have a policy governing the retention of records here

The practice takes its responsibility to hold accurate and accessible data very seriously and our policy governing this aspect of our work is available here


Equality & Diversity

In the area covered by the practice we acknowledge that we have a very diverse population.  We endeavour to treat everyone according to their individual needs and recognise that "equality" does not mean treating everyone exactly the same.  Our Race, Equality & Diversity Policy can be viewed here



The practice take a clear view on the need to provide a service that respects the dignity of the patient and to ensure that we adopt the best standards.   That means that every patient may request the presence of a chaperone when they are undergoing an intimate examination.   There may well be other reasons why a chaperone needs to be present but the member of our clinical staff who is conducting the examination will explain those to a patient beforehand.

Patients need to be aware that a relative or friend may not always be acceptable as a chaperone for several reasons and again that will be explained before any examination happens.    The chaperone at Sefton Park MC may not always be a nurse or doctor depending on who is free however only staff trained specifically for this role and who have had a rigorous background check will ever be used.  The guidelines that all chaperones will work to can be found here

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