Register As A New Patient

Our Practice Area

Each GP practice has a defined area within which they will accept new patients.  We are always taking on new patients who live within our practice area.

The postcodes L8, L15, L17 and L18 are within our practice area.  These postcodes can register online or using a paper form.  

Some areas of L1, L7, L13, L16, L19 and L25 are also within our practice area.  These postcodes can only register by completing a paper form.  You can print a registration form below or collect one from the surgery.

You can check your address is within our area using the Postcode Checker below.  To join the practice as a new patient your address must be inside the area marked in purple on the map.

You can also check your address is within our area by calling our Reception Team on 0151 295 8700.

Register With Us

It helps the process of registration if you know your NHS number. You can find your NHS number on any letter from the NHS like a prescription or appointment letter.  You can also use the link below to find it.

Click the green button below to register online

If you would like to complete a paper registration form

Using the online registration process is the easiest way to register.

If you, or someone you are unable to use the online method then you can print, complete and return a paper form.

You can also collect a copy of these forms from Reception.

Please return your completed form to Reception.

Please make sure that all personal details are clear.

Registering a baby

Please register your baby as soon as possible after hospital discharge. We will then contact you to book their 6 week check and first immunisation appointments.

If we need further information

At any point of the registration process we may ask you for more information. This is to make sure that you have been correctly matched with any existing NHS records.

After you register

To complete your registration you will also need to see our nurse Pat for a New Patient Health Check. To book your New Patient appointment call us on 0151 295 8700 one week after submitting your forms.

If you take repeat medication you will need to speak to a GP before we issue a new prescription. Please book a routine telephone appointment to do this.

Please keep us up to date with any changes to your details including address, phone number and email. If you move out of our Practice Area we ask you to register with a different GP Practice.

Zero Tolerance

Sefton Park Medical Centre has a Zero Tolerance Policy.

The Accountable / Registering Doctor